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All tracks were recorded live in concert. - Scroll Down for all the tracks

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Telemann   Track 4 Track 4
Gounod   Track 9 Track 9
"Hey, Nonny!" from "Roland, the Minstrel Pig"
     Words by William Steig, music by Matt Doran.
     Recorded live in concert Saturday, February 23, 2008 Tenor David Maier as Roland.
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OCP Soloists! - Saturday May 8th, 2010 - (Double Delights)      
Duettino on Hungarian Themes, Op. 36, Doppler (orch. by R. Maddox)
Rebecca Olson & LeeAnn Sterling, flute
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   Clip 2 of 2    
Symphony No. 5 in A, Transformation of the Lycean Peasants into Frogs, Dittersdorf  Clip 1 of 1    
OCP Concert Saturday, Feb. 13th, 2010 - Children's Concert      
Spongebob Squarepants with Pirate Bob (OCP Member Robert Brooks)
 Clip 1 of 1    
Mozart's Turkey Rock Mambo, Terence Greaves  Clip 1 of 1    
Music Box, Op. 4, #1, Timoteus Racz  Clip 1 of 1    
The Great Race (The Tortoise & The Hare), David Mulliken
David Ogden Stiers, Narrator
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Teddy Bear's Picnic, John W. Bratton (arr. by M. Jasinksi)  Clip 1 of 1    
Polly Wolly Doodle with Audience Kazoo Orchestra leading into our William Tell Finale
(Rossini spoken intro by OCP Official Kazoomeister, Chris Mudd)


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OCP Concert Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 - Audience Select Concert!      
Louis XIV Suite, Couperin
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Four Bagatelles, Op. 47, Dvorak (arr. by G. Emerson)  Clip 1 of 4    
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OCP Concert Saturday, Feb 21st, 2009      
Rondo Grandioso in D Major, Op. 3, #1 (Hungaresca), Timoteus Racz
Tatiana Kolchanova, violin
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Brahms Serenade No. 2 in A Major, Op. 16 (arranged for winds by J. Gibson)  Clip 1 of 3    
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Symphony No. 22 (The Philosopher) Haydn  Clip 1 of 3    
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OCP Concert Saturday, Oct 20th, 2012      
Divertissement, Op. 36, Emile Bernard

Andante sostenuto/Allegro molto moderato
Allegro vivace
Andante/Allegro non troppo/Andante sostenuto/Allegro non troppo

Recorded live by Bob Haas
Saturday, October 20, 2012
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 Con Grazia Wind Quintet     Recorded by Paul E. Gillet
Tango from Five Easy Dances, D. Agay     Track 1
Bolero from Five Easy Dances, D. Agay     Track 2
Rumba from Five Easy Dances, D. Agay     Track 3
El Shlomo del Toro, R. Pizzi - YouTube Video created by the composer     Track 4
The Canary, Animal Ditties VI, A. Plog     Track 5
Aria & Quodlibet, A. Running     Track 6
Chicken Chowder Rag, I. Giblin     Track 7
"Professor, If You Please…" Overture, Vaudeville! G. Danner     Track 8
"Introducing Miss Kitty O’Neil"..That Old Soft Shoe, Vaudeville! G. Danner     Track 9
 OCP Quartet     Recorded by Bob Haas
  5 clips below were recorded live in concert (August 7, 2010, Magenta Theater)
     by recording engineer Joseph Szabo.
Quartet, Mica Andante
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Quartet, Mica Allegro
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Miniature Quartet, Stephenson Quasi lento/Vivace
 Play Track    
Tango, McLean
 Play Track    
"Habanera" - Bizet     Play Track
"The Man I Love" - Gershwin     Play Track
"Blue Tango" - Anderson     Play Track
"Embraceable You" - Gershwin     Play Track
"The Entertainer" - Joplin     Play Track
"Frosty The Snowman"     Play Track
"Winter Wonderland"     Play Track
"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" - Bach     Play Track
"Minuet" - Boccherini     Play Track
"Kanon" - Pachelbel     Play Track
 Sirens     Recorded by Bob Haas
 Reed & Mason "Les Bicyclettes de Belsize"     Track 1
William Grant Still "Ride An Old Paint" from "Miniatures"     Track 2
William Grant Still "Jesus Is A Rock In The Weary Land" from "Miniatures"     Track 3
William Grant Still "A Frog Went A-Courtin" from "Miniatures"     Track 4
Scott Joplin "The Entertainer"     Track 5
Rodgers & Hart "My Funny Valentine"     Track 6
J.S. Bach "Sheep May Safely Graze"     Track 7
Cesar Cui "Waltz" from "Five Pieces"     Track 8
G.P. Telemann, Moderato from Suite in D Minor     Track 9
G.P. Telemann, Vivace from Suite in D Minor     Track 10
Ibert 'Deux Interludes' Allegro vivo     Track 11
Bizet "Habanera" from "Carmen"     Track 12
 Double Reed Divas     Recorded by Bob Haas
Romanze, 2nd movement of the Trio Magnifique, Op. 4 #6, by Timoteus Racz
When Nod Dreams, (Nod's Dream), by Arthur Woodbury
When Nod Dreams,  (Nod at Play), by Arthur Woodbury
When Nod Dreams, (Nod Begins to Dance), by Arthur Woodbury
Soulful Trio by Gary Powell Nash

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