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Swingin' with Norman
with special guest Norman Leyden
on Saturday, October 19, 2013


OCP musicians Christina Schulz and Erin Ferree

Audience members Pamela and Andrew re-enact a famous poster..

OCP musicians Jill Coykendall and Victoria Racz with Norman after the concert


OCP musician Joy Fabos with Norman



 Oregon Chamber Players Children's Concert

February 11, 2012

(Instruments in the OCP Official Instrument Petting Zoo provided by Wally's Music of Oregon City, OR) 


Therese and her husband, renowned composer Dr. Matt Doran (composer of OCP's signature piece "Roland, the Minstrel Pig") arriving Concert. 
Limo courtesy of Twilite Limousines


Mark Eubanks swinging the contra on Mah Na Mah Na

Mark Eubanks after Mah Na Mah Na as the crowd roars! 


OCP Official Instrument Petting Zoo - Not Just for Kids!  


Before the concert:  Timoteus Racz and Jody Morrissette
Also, Mitch Iimori (banjo) and Rebecca Olson in background


Therese and Matt Doran (wearing his 4th Golden Apple!) after the show

OCP flutist Leeann McKenna (in her fairy princess gown and flashing tiara!) with Board President (and King) Leslie Rivera


OCP musician (and Board Treasurer) Wendy Peebles handing out balloons after the show.

OCP oboist Dagny Rask Regan with a young trumpet phenom at the Petting Zoo!

Craig 'Animal' Johnston with Freckles the Clown

Freckles the Clown with one of his many balloon creations and a fan club after the show!


OCP flutist LeeAnn McKenna assisting a future flutist!





OCP Group Picture with Children's Concert soloist Stella Kaplan - 2010


OCP Group Picture with guest David Ogden Stiers  -2010              (photos by Bob Haas)

Welcome to our OCP AT THE MOVIES Concert on Saturday, October 22, 2011!

Red Carpet Diva Dorinda Toner greets concert attendees on our Red Carpet with press and autograph seekers in the background.

Our guest star, Edmund Stone, and his wife, Cindy,

make their arrival on our Red Carpet while our OCP

Security Team look on…

(Limo provided by Twilite Limo)

OCP Musician Melissa Robinson on the Red Carpet

Audience member Colleen and Nathan Adent on the Red Carpet while paparazzi flash! 

(Colleen is also pianist who has performed with OCP)

Audience members on the Red Carpet being interviewed by our Red Carpet Hostess, Dorinda Toner. 

Our Guest Star, Edmund Stone, and his wife, Cindy, being interviewed on the Red Carpet by Hostess Dorinda Toner. 

OCP musician Melissa Robinson being interviewed by Dorinda Toner

OCP Musician, Robert Brooks, signing autographs on the Red Carpet

Toby and Vickie Loftus with their Best Dressed Award on the Red Carpet

OCP Guest Edmund Stone signing autographs on the Red Carpet

Edmund & Cindy Stone after the concert

Junior Symphony of Vancouver members before the OCP At The Movies Concert!

Our 'Oscar Ladies', Ellie Coale, Rose Carr and Lindsay Brown welcoming people to the concert.  (JSV members)

Board members Leslie Rivera & Gloria Duarte-Rivera

Guest Edmund Stone after our OCP At The Movies Concert with his award

OCP Musicians Wendy Peebles & Victoria Racz

OCP’s Timoteus and Victoria Racz after the OCP At The Movies Concert


Read an Article on the OCP - Oregon Music News -2010

OCP flutist Rebecca Olson assists a young musician at the OCP Instrument Petting Zoo


Music Review: Oregon Chamber Players Children’s Concert Feb. 13

By Sarah Gibson

  Even though the crowd that nearly filled All Saints on the evening of Feb. 13 was intergenerational,

there was no doubt that the Oregon Chamber Players had one demographic in mind. The focus was

squarely on children for this concert, from the opening number, “Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song”

(with many kids and adults singing along) to the ending “William Tell Overture” (which many children

know as the “clean up song”). My concert companion, who does not know Spongebob, withheld his

enthusiasm until the orchestra played Leroy Anderson’s “The Waltzing Cat”, which featured violins as

very convincing meowing cats, with one lone dog at the end. From then on he was captivated.

Children and adults alike were delighted with the featured work of the program, “The Great Race” by

David Mullikin. Performing as narrator was actor and Oregon resident David Ogden Stiers. Mr. Stiers

has voiced several animated films, including Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas and Lilo

and Stitch, so it was a treat to hear him portray the voices of the Hare, Tortoise and other characters in

the story. Also delightful were the musical portrayals of the characters; the Hare by the violin and the

Tortoise by the cello.

  Later in the program All Saints’ Chris Fotinakis, who plays in the viola section, led the audience in a rousing

version of “Polly Wolly Doodle All the Day”. Then the kazoos were passed out and it was time for the

promised “Audience Kazoo Orchestra”, which is a tradition of the annual Children’s Concert. After the

concert the audience and players adjourned to the Parish Hall, where Ron and Eileen Hylton hosted a

reception and the musicians presented an instrument “petting zoo” where children could touch and

try orchestral instruments.


OCP Oboist Dagny Rask Regan charms a young fan into playing the oboe

OCP Instrument Petting Zoo - 2010

OCP Instrument Petting Zoo - 2010

OCP Instrument Petting Zoo - 2010

OCP Instrument Petting Zoo - 2010

OCP Instrument Petting Zoo ZooKeeper John Gibson helps a prospective young French horn player!

2008-'09 OCP
Group Picture (Photo by Bob Haas)


The Bee - Newspaper Article

Links to comments about the OCP:

OCP Children's Concert
Saturday, February 23, 2008
Instrument Petting Zoo provided by Music World (Vancouver)

Timoteus Racz and David Maier showing off their Supreme Medals of Excellence after our performance of 'Roland, the Minstrel Pig' at the OCP February 23, 2008 Children's Concert

Oboist/OCP member Dagny Rask Regan assisting a prospective young musician at our OCP official Instrument Petting Zoo

Flutist/OCP Member LeeAnn Sterling with a young musician

A talented young oboist playing at the OCP Instrument Petting Zoo!

Not just for kids!


Clarinetist/OCP Member John Gibson assisting a young musician

Cellist/OCP Member Collin Heade guides a prospective young cellist

Clarinetist/OCP Member Jill Coykendall encouraging a future musician

Music World owner, Jim Detchman, listens to a brilliant young musician's trombone serenade

Photo by Bob Haas

2006-2007 OCP Group Picture

   May 3, 2008

   Rebecca Olson, flute
   Victoria Racz, oboe
   Robert Brooks, cello
   Ron Hylton, organ





Erin Ferree and Timoteus Racz
Saturday, October 22, 2005

OCP Soloists Concert! - Saturday, May 6, 2006

 Chris Mudd
 Timoteus Racz
 Sherylanne Branning
 Margaret McShea
 Collin Heade

Timoteus & Victoria Racz prepare for the KBPS Classical Cruise, Sunday, September 1, 2002.

OCP Children's Concert 2006

Instruments in the OCP Official Instrument Petting Zoo


Guest artist Joe Powers, Harmonica

OCP Children's Concert 2004
Instruments in the OCP Official Instrument Petting Zoo

Scenes from our popular Children's Concerts over the years.
Including scenes from the OCP Official Instrument Petting Zoo.


The Audience joins in for the Grand Kazoo Band Finale

Our guest bagpiper for the February 2000 Children's Concert

February 1998 Children's Concert
The then KGW Broadcaster, Carol Jenson, holds our
young audience captivated during a musical story-time

2004-2006 OCP Group Picture


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