JSV Scholarships

Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship entitles the winner to an entire season of free tuition to the JSV. This goes to a participant who demonstrates the highest level of musicality, professionalism, and teamwork.  

(It was originally named the Martha McCourt Scholarship to honor that long-time donor, and sometimes the JSV Scholarship before being renamed to honor our Founder, Timoteus.)


Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Lori Buerkle is a longtime OCP/JSV board member who has shown outstanding service and dedication over the years, and this scholarship entitles a string player to $200 for music lessons. (This seemed appropriate as we first met Lori when she came to Timoteus for violin lessons!)


Board of Directors Scholarship:  This scholarship originated in 2013 and awards $200 for music lessons to a deserving wind player. 


Current Winners:

 2019-'20 Skye Heiles  Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship








2019-'20 Dominick Scofield  Lori Buerkle Scholarship









2019-'20 Ciela Heiles  Board of Director's Scholarship


Past Winners:


2018-'19 Dominic Scofield  Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship

2017-'18 Rachel Bergh  Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship

2016-'17 Madelyn Hartrim-Lowe  Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship

2015-'16 DeeAnna Meier  Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship

2014-'15 Kyla Pohl  Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship

2013-'14 Hannah Toner  Martha McCourt Scholarship

2012-'13 Antimony Berkeley  Martha McCourt Scholarship

2011-'12  Clara Mastin  JSV Scholarship

2010-'11  Lindsay Brown  JSV Scholarship  
2009-'10 Clara Mastin  Martha McCourt Scholarship

2008-'09 Ben Serna-Grey   Martha McCourt Scholarship

2007-'08 Lindsay Brown   Martha McCourt Scholarship

2006-'07 Erin Lowry   Martha McCourt Scholarship

2005-'06 Quinn Middleman  Martha McCourt Scholarship

2004-'05 Nelya & Vera Vashchenko  Martha McCourt Scholarship



2018-'19 Hannah McBride  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2017-'18 Andrea Hernandez & Maddy Sheley  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2016-'17 Patricia Ellise Hall  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2015-'16 Rachel Bergh  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2014-'15 Erik Okel/Rachel Bergh  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2013-'14 Justin Young  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2012-'13 Andrew Johnson  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2011-'12 Jared Veriato  Lori Buerkle Scholarship
2010-'11 Jared Veriato  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2009-'10 Valerie Leslie   Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2008-'09 Daniel Wu   Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2007-'08 Helenlyn Popescu  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2006-'07 Brynne Dykes  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2005-'06 Monica Scigliano  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2004-'05 Erin Partin  Lori Buerkle Scholarship

2018-'19 Meagan Stabell & Madelyn Hartrim-Lowe  Board of Director's Scholarship

2017-'18 Zach Wannamaker  Board of Director's Scholarship

2016-'17 Connor Rasmussen  Board of Director's Scholarship

2015-'16 Mackenzie Haverlack  Board of Director's Scholarship

2014-'15 Michael Holmes  Board of Director's Scholarship

2013-'14 Kyla Pohl  Board of Director's Scholarship