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The OCP Quartet of the Oregon Chamber Players

Rebecca Towers, flute
Victoria Racz, oboe/English horn
Bev Gibson, viola
Collin Heade, cello


The OCP QUARTET was formed by members of the OREGON CHAMBER PLAYERS in 2002 out of necessity after countless requests from people wanting a string quartet to play at concerts, weddings, corporate parties and other special events. In something extraordinarily rare for a small chamber group, our personnel stayed the same for a decade with Timoteus, Victoria, Bev and Collin. 

After Timi's unexpected death in 2012, the three of us decided it would be too difficult to have another violinist try to sit in Tim's spot, so we brought in our dear friend and OCP musician - flutist Rebecca Olson-Towers. Tim treasured Rebecca and always loved to perform with her, so it seemed very appropriate.  Of course, we also like to be a little bit different than just the typical string quartet, so we all love our new instrumentation of flute, oboe, viola and cello for an infusion of color and elegance.

We’ve performed outdoor weddings in flower-strewn fields and gardens, a candle-lit ceremony in Portland’s Governor Hotel and wedding receptions at country clubs, private homes, and even a private party at Portland’s Center for the Performing Arts.

 Let us help you make your event special – work with reliable professionals who love sharing your celebrations with you!

 For booking details or other information about the OCP QUARTET of the OREGON CHAMBER PLAYERS, please call Victoria at: 360-696-4084 or e-mail us at: or

Our original group:

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